Movie Picture{0} Thanks to a gathering of scoops over at {1}, new details about the possible pending production of the long awaited fan flick, {2} have arised:
This new film will not involve any of the human characters from the films' previous efforts, instead using entirely new individuals. As reported by several news sources, the story looks to involve human scientists going on an expedition to Antarctica to lure Predator hunters, using Alien eggs as bait. Of course, these plans quickly goes awry and the humans find themselves in the crossfire between two warring alien species.

Among the characters are:

* Alexia "Lex" Homer: In her late 20s, Lex is stunning, buff, courageous, and intelligent, as well as the heroine of this film. She is an environmental researcher hired by Weyland Industries to keep everyone on the expedition "alive," as the head of the company puts it. A tough cookie, with a good sense of humor, she has a history of guts and glory having been the youngest to climb Mount Everest without oxygen tanks. Lex is initially second in command to Max Stafford, but when all hell breaks loose, she must assume full leadership of the remaining crew. She is not only a survivor, but a true warrior as well.

* Sebastian Wells: Wells is an American archeologist in his early 30s who is very passionate about his work. Described as "unshaven and rumpled, yet also handsome and charming," Sebastian joins the team and has an instant chemistry with Lex. His expertise, and fervid beliefs often has him butting heads with his boss, whom he feels has his priorities askew.
* Verheiden: A tanned, muscular European, Verheiden is an Egyptologist who is just as much "at home with manual labor as with a text book." He also has a romantic history with Lex, which ended rather precariously. This is evident when they are reunited on Weyland's team, and Verheiden notices that Sebastian is his likely rival. The casting agents are looking for someone who speaks with a strong accent.
* Charles Weyland: In his early 40s, Weyland is a driven billionaire industrialist with blue eyes and shock of dark black hair, giving him the air of a sportsman or movie star. This zealous, all-knowing patron of science has a secret beneath his virile bravado and cultured manner: He is dying of cancer. He is a man rapidly decaying, with his signature 9-iron golf club really serves as his cane and his cataracts disguised by blue contact lenses. Weyland has no intention of dying without first leaving a legacy for humankind. He finances the expedition, chooses its team members and insists on coming along