We reported in May that the hit Fox series 24 will get their seventh season kicked off a little early with a two-hour TV movie in November. USA Today is reporting that the two-hour movie will be titled 24: Exile and it's still set for a November 23 TV release.

The movie will take place on Inauguration Day and just as President Noah Daniels (Powers Boothe) is stepping down to Allison Taylor (Cherrie Jone), a coup breaks out in Africa. Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer had escaped to that fictional country and gets involved with an old friend, played by Robert Carlyle who has a school, "that rescues these children involved in these wars and creates a safe haven," said Sutherland. Naturally, Jack must save the day from the villain, played by Jon Voight, who will appear in the TV movie and also re-appear sometime within the next season.

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Sutherland did say the movie can be watched on its own, but it will, "set up the terrorist threat (of the seventh season) and the justification for why this would happen in the United States."

24: Exiled will air on November 23 on Fox and the seventh season of 24 is currently in production and will debut sometime in January of 2009.