A few weeks ago we reported that a TV version of Andrew Niccol's sci-fi classic Gattaca was moving forward, and now that project's writer revealed some new details. MTV Movies Blog recently spoke with writer-producer Gil Grant, who is writing the pilot for the series, about how he is opening up the world of the movie for this new police procedural.

"I came up with a world which is populated with Valids and Invalids, the same premise [as the movie], but taken into a police department where we're... integrating, using the analogy of the '60s Civil Rights struggle. Even though it's technically illegal to discriminate against Invalids, just like in the '60s people did," Grant continued. "So it's come to pass that [the government has] ordered the police department to hire their first token Invalid into the detective department. What we're doing is we're taking an Invalid and teaming him up with a Valid, a seasoned officer. You know, it's oil and water."

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