Will we be seeing more of those damn dirty apes again? It certainly seems so. CHUD recently spoke with screenwriter Scott Frank about the new film entitled Caesar and Frank told the site the film was not a remake of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, as the site previously reported.

Caesar is not a remake of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. This is a fact that Frank can't stress to you enough - his film will not feature talking monkeys, and it will not end with chimpanzees running wild in the streets, taking over the world. But it isn't entirely divorced from the world of Planet of the Apes, either. In fact, Frank sees his movie as the opening chapter in a saga that could span the thousand years between today and a world where apes rule.

The site also reported that Fox's Tom Rothman talked about the film on AMC this weekend, after the first Planet of the Apes was shown on the network.

We are very close at Fox on a new Apes script- this one a kind of prequel story before the first story, with a return to the social thematics that mark the first one, but with an entirely contemporary setting - Earth 2009.

We'll keep you posted on any and all developments surrounding this new Caesar film.