We have two exclusive clips from next week's Dexter episode, dubbed, Turning Biminese, which airs on Sunday, October 26 at 9 PM ET on Showtime. Click below for one clip of Dexter bonding with Miguel over some golf and another with Dexter blowing off house hunting with Rita.

While Dexter struggles with how to handle Rita's desire for them to move in together before they get married, Miguel tells Dexter about a husband who has gotten away with killing two of his wives for financial gain. For Dexter, this seems like the perfect candidate to satisfy his dark urge and his need, like every man under relationship pressures, to get away. Dexter tracks the murderer to Bimini. While on the hunt, Rita has a medical emergency and he is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Debra works with Anton, her confidential informant to track down one of Freebo's criminal confidants. But Debra finds herself oddly attracted to Anton.