We're happy to announce our first new user feature of 2008! User TV Contributions!

Now, there's a new way to build your profile up and earn contribution points here at MovieWeb. Take a look below as we break it down for you...

What is a User Contribution?

As of right now, we've opened the floor to user contributions on the television side of our site (with plans to extend this on the film side soon). Using our search engine at the top of every page of the site, search out your favorite shows, gather plot info, in-show trivia and off-camera facts about the TV show in general, or down to a specific episode and submit any knowledge you may have. If what you submit is data we don't currently have, or is better than what we currently have you'll gain points for your submission!

MovieWeb User Contributions

What is the contribution process?

- Hit a TV show page and either use the link in the toolbox on the right to submit specific show info OR select a specific episode, and add data there.

- Don't see an episode listed in our database? Add the info and acquire some big points for a new episode addition.

MovieWeb User Contributions

What are my points all about?

Accumulate enough points for a specific TV show and your rank will be upgraded.

As you are upgraded within a particular show, you'll become an "official editor" of the show where you'll be able to manage incoming user contributions for that show, approve/deny submissions, and earn even more points for yourself.

What can I do with my points?

Besides being adored by the masses here at MovieWeb, we'll also be handing out free swag, DVDs and other fine merchandise for users with high point averages. Basically, the more active you are in the user contribution realm, the more MovieWeb is going to be "hooking you up."

MovieWeb User Contributions

Have fun! If you have any questions, please join the conversation here.