When we first launched our user theatrical reviews last year, we knew that was just the first step. Now MovieWeb is proud to launch our User Review feature for almost everything on the site! As of now you can now review hundreds of thousands of DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, HD DVDs, UMDs, TV series' and TV episodes!

How does it work? It's just as simple as before.

We have several ways you can review a DVD, Blu-Ray, UMD, TV series or episode, but you must be a registered user and logged in to do so.

The first way you can submit a review of a DVD, Blu-Ray, UMD, TV series or TV episode is on your My Account page. You may have noticed your My Account page has been revamped in the past few weeks, and this is one of the reasons for that change. There is a tab on the left-hand side of that page for Write Reviews. If you click on that page, you can search for a DVD, Blu-Ray, UMD, TV series or TV episode and once you click on the desired disc/series/episode, you can start your review!

Another way you can review one of these discs, series' or episodes is by simply conducting a Search for your desired review subject and, click on what you're looking for, and review the item right on that page.

Once you have submitted your review, the review not only appears on your Profile page...

Movie Picture

...but also on main reviews page!

If you make a mistake while entering your review, you have 24 hours to fix it. After that your review will be locked to the item you reviewed.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and review your favorite (or least favorite) DVD, Blu-ray, UMD, TV series or TV episode today! We're keeping a close eye on those who can show proficiency with their reviews, so we don't care if you love it or hate it, just make your review GOOD!. We have some future plans in store for our most talented reviewers, so bring your A-game and start reviewing!

Submit high quality theatrical review and we'll make you part of the "official" team, submit high quality DVD/Blu-ray reviews and we'll send you new releases (for free) to review, submit high quality review of TV shows and episodes, we'll make you official and send out advance screeners to you of your favorite show for review! Like we said, we're watching you...

Be sure to stay tuned for a whole new slew of user features we have lined up in the future as well, just for you!