Fight ClubWelcome to Fight Club! Fight Club: 10th Anniversary Edition arrives on Blu-ray November 17th and in support of the release we invite YOU to help spread the Fight Club ethos - to take the sad man in the office and turn him into a proud beast living a raw, simple primacy!

In order to do so go to, log into Facebook and see your personal information, including your name, pictures, location, etc. pulled into a personalized Mayhem. Within seconds, you can see yourself and your life inside the world of Fight Club, which begs the question - if you wake up at a different time and in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?

Want more Fight Club? Check out the widget here:, which plays off the theme of mob mentality and collects/houses all the relevant Fight Club information happening around the web - in real time - into one stream of consciousness. This includes Twitter, Flickr, DVD reviews and quotes, Facebook and YouTube. In addition to the constantly updated content, the users can also view movie clips and learn the rules of the Fight Club.