Tons of new "undercover", "unofficially released" video hit the web today for some VERY highly anticipated releases! Who knows how long this stuff will be up until the studios start to shut people down! Take a look!

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl: Thanks to someone over at Ain't It Cool spotting this, you can now watch a small sneak peek of the official trailer which will no doubt be hitting the web soon! For now, check out this footage!

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Windows Media:mms://|56k | mms://|100k | mms://|300k

Real Player:rtsp://|56k | rtsp://|100k | rtsp://|300k

The Last Samurai: The official Japanese teaser trailer for the film has come online!!! Don't miss out!

CLICK HERE to see some glorious footage from this sure fire hit! Thanks to CS! for the scoop!

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The Animatrix: Another story that has risen from AICN is the unofficial release of the 3rd episode of The Animatrix online series, which is soon to come to DVD. If you check the official site for the series you'll find that this episode is still coming this is an early sneak peek! Be warned, the file is over 100 megs!

CLICK HERE to watch Episode 3 of The Animatrix, 'Detective Story'!

Stay tuned...