With some rumors flying about two of his upcoming films, a hot horror producer has decided to set the record straight. Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller wrote a recent post on his production company's official blog and he told the fans that they are hoping to get started on Friday the 13th Part II in 3D, despite its recent delay.

Let's talk Friday the 13th. We have busted our ass to get that movie going! The script is great- dare I say, better than the first. Shannon and Swift have outdone themselves. We are working with New Line to get that movie going. I had hoped to be able to tell you that we started prepping the movie, but that isn't the case. We are hoping that New Line decides get us started early next year.
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A Nightmare on Elm Street reshoots are underwayFuller also discussed the recent reshoots on his A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, saying that there shouldn't be any need to be concern, as these reshoots are common.

I have read all the rumors and want to make sure that you have the facts. We are doing a couple of days of reshooting Elm Street. People seem to be making a big deal about that fact. Elm Street is our 8th film and we've had reshoots for every film. As I have stated here many times, I try to read everything and I pay attention. The fans input has always been so valuable to me, and Elm Street is no exception. I don't want to get specific about what we are shooting, but suffice to say we heard you. After you've seen the film we can discuss what was reshot. I will say this though- nothing beats seeing Jackie back as Freddy- he works so hard to perfect his portrayal and leaves nothing to chance.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on both these upcoming films as soon as we have more information.