Movie PictureIt's finally here! {0} is making it's debut right now! Dive into Droid's seedy world of bitterness and disgust when he reviews today's worst movies! This week Droid reviews the most haneous movie out there, Get Over It starring Sisqo and Kirsten Dunst. Did you see this movie? Do have any desire to? I suggest you check out what Droid has to say before making a move. Check Out Lights Out's latest and greatest feature {1} right now!As you can see our front page has taken a new shape. We have moved some things around and added our features to the top of the page so that they are easily accessible for all of our visitors! {2}

I know you all have wondered about the cast and crew here at Lights Out for a long time. Well, our stats are now going public so that you go a litte deeper into who we are, what we are, and what we can do! I would like to welcome everyone to our TOP SECRET "FILECARDS"! What is a filecard? Find out for we reveal javascript:void(0|Mushy's Filecard as well as the infamous javascript:void(0|Droid Filecard. More FILECARDs coming soon!

That's it for now! Check out Bitter Bits!

Stay Tuned...~Brian