The latest Ghost Rider movie trailer is now viewable for viewing at Moviefone.

Sony pictures has given the site an exclusive first look at the new trailer featuring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes.

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CLICK HERE to check out the new Ghost Rider trailer!

The film stars Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, a stunt cyclist who sells his soul to the devil to save the life of his dying father. As a result of this deal, Blaze is forced to part ways with the too-pure-for-his-devil-owned-ass girlfriend Roxanne Simpson (Eva Mendes). If being forced to ditch Eva seems like a raw deal to you, join the club. But be assured, it gets a whole lot rougher for Johnny Blaze. To reclaim his soul and win back the love of his life, Johnny must become a flame-skulled vigilante named Ghost Rider and vanquish the devil's scheming son Blackheart (Wes Bentley).