Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth <strong><em>Ghostbusters</em></strong>

Chris Hemsworth finally shows his range as a weird, hilarious comedian for hire! It's about time for that isn't it? Despite films like Rush, In the Heart of the Sea and Blackhat, Thor hasn't really gotten to flex his acting muscles has he? This all changes as he gives the comedic turn of the year in Ghostbusters. Sure, you can harken back to last years Vacation reboot (what is it with Hemsworth and reboots??), but Hemsworth was only a minor player in the saga of the Griswolds. In Ghostbusters he is front and center, matching the ladies tit for comedic tat, and never seeming to feel uncomfortable or out of place. Whether he is showing off pictures of himself shirtless with a saxophone, or poorly answering the phone for a new client of the Ghostbusters, pretty much everything Hemsworth is doing is spot on. It makes one wonder just what kind of career he will have once The Avengers run their course?

Evan Jacobs