Last night, Warner Bros. announced that the first trailer for Godzilla will debut on Tuesday, December 10 at 10 AM PT. The studio also launched the viral website, where four brief videos have now been discovered. Here, we get our first brief glimpse at Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen as Joe and Ellie Brody, along with some of the destruction caused by Godzilla. We also hear the voice of David Strathairn, who joined the cast in March as an unidentified military leader. Will we get our first real look at Godzilla in action with the new trailer? Check back tomorrow to find out.

<strong><em>Godzilla</em></strong> Viral
<strong><em>Godzilla</em></strong> Viral 2

The mysterious military operation known only as M.U.T.O. has begun investigating the cavernous wells of Sima Humboldt and Sima Martel in Venezuela and Turkmenistan's infamous burning 'Door to Hell'. It is believed that something is happening with the earth's core...Could it have anything to do with Godzilla?