Here's some more fuel for that raging format war fire.

According to a story from Home Media Magazine that cites a new study, potential HDTV buyers are choosing HD DVD over Blu-Ray for their movie needs. The study shows that 43% of prospective HDTV consumers are leaning towards HD DVD, while just 27% are leaning towards Blu-Ray, with a large 30% undecided. The study claims that the price is the determining factor for high-def rookies.

The study, conducted by The Diffusion Group, was based off of two Internet surveys of 1,500 and 2,000 adults, during October and November.

"The strength of this preference and its correlation to mainstream attributes are notable," said Michael Greeson, president and principal analyst with TDG. "The next wave of buyers is comprised of early mass-market consumers, a much larger segment with a focus on practical consideration such as price."

Andy Tarzcon, a founding partner of The Diffusion Group, said that the studies were independent and partial, not taking a side for either format. The 30% undecided vote, he said, was a clear sign that this war is far from over.

"We're not declaring a winner," Tarczon said. "We're saying the battle is not over."