Hulk: Yesterday, a few new pictures surfaced from the set of And Lee's eagerly anticipated (at least by me) Hulk picture that has been filming in and around San Francisco for the last month or so. Most of the pictures that we have seen up to this point have been shots of crushed cars and broken streets. These shots, for the first time, give us a view of the actual actors in action!

CLICK HERE to see Eric Bana hug Jennifer Connelly while being surrounded by an army! Sweet!

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Movie Picture{3} There has been tons coming out about the film in the last week. The footage that was shown at Cannes has not leaked out yet. But from all the reports Mr. Scorsese has made an incredible film! To tide us over till we can see the real thing, or the footage form Cannes, a gallery of stills from the film has surfaced.

CLICK HERE and see 19th century New York! Enjoy!

Austin Powers in Goldmember:

AICN has posted what they claim to be the world's first review of Goldmember. Judging by the review the third installment in the Austin Powers series will be just as good as the first two! Beware the review does spoil some of the funniest cameos and moments in the movie. And I have to agree with the AICN staff (hey there is a first time for everything) that comedies tend to be funny when the first viewing is full of surprises!

Ferris Bueller 2: Finally today we have what has to qualify as the weird story of the week. Apparently, CNN reported earlier this week that in an interview Mr. Charlie Sheen was quoted as saying he would be working on.....brace your selves folks.....Ferris Bueller 2! WHo thinks this stuff up?! I am completely speechless.

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