USA Today just posted an image from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and we've got it from you in all its splendid glory.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Also, USA Today caught up with the film's producer, David Heyman, to talk about the movie.

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"It's different than the other films," offers Heyman. "It's not the non-stop action that some of the others are, although there is some action. It's more of an emotional film. We follow multiple stories: Harry's relationship with Ginny Weasley, Ron's relationship with Lavender Brown. ... There also is Hermione's discomfort with Ron's relationship with Lavender. There's Draco Malfoy's story. And then there's Harry's relationship with (Hogwarts headmaster and professor) Dumbledore. We're following these multiple stories that enrich the canvas."

In addition to this, Ron run uncovers his heretofore unknown Quidditch talents.

"Ron is scared witless for the game," adds Heyman. " So, Harry pretends to slip him some felix felices, a liquid luck potion. All of a sudden he's imbued with fresh confidence, and he's remarkable in the Quidditch match. He's performing miracles. With that comes incredible delight and maybe a little bit of cockiness."

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes to theaters July 17, 2009 from Warner Bros. Pictures.