AVPgalaxy.net has our first look at the new improved hunters in Robert Rodriguez's upcoming sci-fi thriller Predators. The film is directed by Nimród Antal and stars Laurence Fishburne, Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Danny Trejo, Walton Goggins, Oleg Taktarov, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Louis Ozawa Changchien and Derek Mears. It doesn't make its way into theaters until July 7th, but you can get a sneak peek at the set in the following photos below:

Robert Rodriguez and the <strong><em>Predators</em></strong>
Adrien Brody and Oleg Taktarov
Unkown Predator suit
Oleg Taktarov
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Predators follows a group of elite warrior-types who are being hunted by members of a race of merciless alien trackers called Predators. Brody is a man who ends up inheriting the mantle of leader and is known as a hunter of men. Grace is an accountant-type whose unassuming facade masks a dangerous serial killer. Alice Braga is the tough female killer. Mahershalalhashbaz Ali is a man not afraid to die, Walton Goggins is the loose canon of the group and Oleg Taktarov is a former Russian special ops agent. Danny Trejo is Cuchillo, a hardened warrior with twin Uzis strapped to his back. Directed by Nimrod Antal, the film opens on July 7th of this year.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange