Freddy vs. Jason 2: Ever since the initial success of Freddy vs. Jason, studios have been climbing the walls trying to put together projects that pit 80's horror movie icons against each other. Rumors were abound for months about a match-up that would include 'Freddy', 'Jason' and 'Ash' from Sam Raimi's Evil Dead films. Weeks ago now, the trades confirmed that the ball was rolling on this on this project. Now, New Line Cinema exec, Jeff Katz, has been talking with Creature Corner about the project and what the studios' plans are for such a production...

Q: Can you confirm Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash or Freddy Vs. Jason 2 as it’s currently titled?

Katz: There’s nothing official on the Freddy Vs. Jason 2 front yet, but I wrote the treatment and we’re all very excited about it.

Q: Are you worried that Ash - given the fact that none of the Evil Dead films were box office hits - might be too obscure of a character for mainstream audiences - fans who aren’t as familiar with the Evil Dead films as the cult audience is?

Katz: It’s not about box office and what would make for the most commercial sequel. It’s about delivering a story that will be better than the first and a story that makes sense given the continuity of the franchises.

Q: Everyone talks about teaming Freddy and Jason with Michael Myers from the Halloween series. What about Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Michael Myers?

Katz: As a fan, I think Michael would be an ill-fit with Freddy and Jason as - in Michael Myers’ universe in the Halloween films - Michael is a real guy, Thorn notwithstanding.

Q: A lot of fans of the Jason Voorhees character felt that Jason was underutilized in Freddy Vs. Jason, and that he was nothing more than a second banana in the film. How are you going to make Jason more interesting in the sequel, given that he’s a sullen, voiceless monster with no emotions?

Katz: We heard that from fans too and I think part of that’s because Freddy has so much personality, especially compared to Jason, and any other character would be overshadowed standing next to Freddy. My entire idea is to help turn Jason into a bit more of a three-dimensional character without losing what makes him a scary badass. We have a cool twist I’m hoping will happen.

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