We're the Millers: According to Variety, New Line has acquired We're the Millers, a spec script comedy by Steve Faber and Bob Fisher. That's the team behind The Wedding Crashers, a comedy New Line will release next year with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn playing losers who invade weddings to pick up women.

We're the Millers has an equally edgy premise. Protag is a smuggler who swears off his illegal career as he turns 30. He's enticed into a final smuggling mission worth $1 million if he can sneak 1,400 pounds of pot across the Mexican border.

"He hires a fake family, calls them the Millers, and drives them in a Winnebago," said Tucker Tooley, who's producing the pic with Vincent Newman and Happy Walters. The smuggler bonds with his bogus brood. "He finds love in this family and the film plays like an even more dysfunctional 'Vacation,' " said Newman.