With horror films growing increasingly more popular New Line Cinema has big plans for their new A Nightmare On Elm Street DVD.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, New Line will be reintroducing the film in a special edition DVD via it's Infinifilm banner.

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Nightmare lovers will be able to "access behind-the-scenes documentaries, interviews and other extras as they are watching the film, so the bonus materials can be digested in context."

The bonus features on the DVD will contain "audio essays with director Wes Craven and star Robert Englund; documentaries on the franchise's origins and its legacy; a trivia challenge; and a making-of feature."

New Line president and COO of Home Entertainment, Stephen Einhorn, had this to say about the upcoming DVD, "Many DVD features that are now considered the standards of the home entertainment experience were born at New Line, and we continue to push the envelope."