New Line puts Highwaymen on the street.

In a move to cash in on the fever caused by Universal's Fast and the Furious, New Line has given the greenlight to Highwaymen. The script, by Hans (Anaconda) Bauer and Craig Mitchells, will be directed by Robert (Gotti) Harmon. Described as a cross between Jeepers Creepers and Fast and the Furious, the film tells the story of a dehumanized villain who uses his 70's style muscle car as an expression of his anger at the human race, and the man who must stop him.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Dreamworks, SKG takes over a project from Sony to star Affleck/Garner gets Daredevil role.

Dreamworks is in talks to aquire Surviving Christmas from Sony Pictures. The project was originally set up at Sony by Betty Thomas and Jenno Topping through their Tall Trees Productions who recently co-produced Charlie's Angels. If Dreamworks picks the film up, Tall Trees would remain as producers. Ben Affleck, who's producing partner Chris Moore is married to Jenno Topping, would take on the lead role of a man who, when faced with the prospect of facing Christmas alone, drives to his boyhood home and convinces the family who lives there now to take him in.

In other Affleck related news, Jennifer Garner (Golden Globe winner for tv's Alias) has nabbed the role of Elektra in the new Daredevil film according to IGNFilmForce.

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