New Line to Take New VacationThe Warner Bros. division New Line is working on a sequel to the 1983 comedy classic {0}, and has attached David Dobkin to produce and possibly direct, according to {1}'s {2}.

In the original road trip comedy, the Griswold family headed by parents Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo take their two kids on a painful cross-country road trip that doesn't go as planned. It spawned many sequels including European Vacation in 1985, Christmas Vacation in 1989 and Vegas Vacation in 1997.

New Line is meeting with writers, but a rough idea for the story has already been worked: the new feature will focus on Rusty Griswold, the son of Clark Griswold, who takes his own family on a road trip vacation. It is possible that Chase and D'Angelo will make appearances as grandparents.