With the release of Liongate's five Blu-ray DVDs they have unleashed Metamenu Technology upon consumers.

In a story from Yahoo!, Crash, Lord of War, The Punisher, Saw and Terminator 2: Judgment Day all contain Metamenu System 1.0 technology.

Here's how the new technology works, "traditional DVDs, often open with menu loops and imaginative navigation models, Metamenu discs open by default with a 20-second orientation video, then immediately play the movie. A timer counts down to the main attraction while an animated interface loads and a voiceover explains how to use the simple Metamenu system."

Basically, consumers will no longer have to suffer through trailers and a bunch of menu screens.

Also, "during the introduction, users can click PLAY, ENTER or NEXT on their remote control anytime to jump directly to the movie. Additionally, the technology strives to remove the common 'operation cannot be performed' error message that often forces users down an unexpected and unwanted path."

Lastly, "during the movie, Metamenu users can click a single button to summon a sliding menu shade, which appears superimposed over the video and provides easy access to everything on the disc, including individual scenes, natural language settings, a video tutorial, and key map help system -- all while keeping the high-definition movie running in the background."

"This is just the start," explains president and CEO of Metabeam, Chris Brown. "Metamenu technology offers a simple and consistent model that frees both artist and audience. For creators, the data-driven, light and flexible production method means we get the technology out of the way. For users, it means you can find what you want quickly and then get the menus out of the way."

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