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In other Two Towers news, our friends over at War of The Ring have scored a nice little image of an Orc fighting an Elf in the battle of Helm's Deep! CLICK HERE

In addition, War Of The Ring have also posted the huge gallery of images from the Toybiz toys coming out this fall in conjunction with the release of the film! CLICK HERE

Solaris: Scooper Abobo chimes in with a bit of a report from some recent shooting of Solaris:

"So i was at the OTIS college campus today, only to find piles of movie trucks and vans parked all over our normal parking spots, i finally found a spot by moving a caution sign out of the way, then was threatened to be towed by the teamsters, so i moved my car once again. But not before inquiring what film was being shot. The guy told me, Solaris. To my surprize. They said they were doing some pickup shots of George Clooney. The scene is supposed to be a rain scene, and this was all shot from atop the parking garage down on the new otis fine arts building. (which can be seen here with a virtual quicktime picture) They also said earlier shots in Solaris had been previously filmed there. So this building might be some sort of larger part of the story, maybe a central HQ or something, or not. Who knows."

Kill Bill:The Kill Bill News Page has a slew of images from the Pasadena set of Kill Bill. CLICK HERE Thanks to Coming Attractions for the scoop.

The Butterfly Effect:Coming Attractions has scored 3 new shots from The Butterfly Effect.

House of 1000 Corpses:Bloody Disgusting has a whole slew of new images from the Rob Zombie directed flick up at their site. Get your creep on, Halloween is coming! CLICK HERE

Blade III:Comics Continuum recently spoke with David Goyer, screenwriter of the first Blade movies, about the progression of Blade III.

"Both Marvel and New Line have approved the story and I've done an outline," Goyer told The Continuum. "I'm currently writing the Descent for Dreamworks, so the Blade III script will be written after that."

Batman vs. Superman: The upcoming director of the latest Superman movie talked to the Chicago Sun Times about the status of the proposedBatman vs. Superman project. Seems the project lies dead in the water...

"I know you've heard about this 'Batman vs. Superman' movie, but that's getting scrapped because of my film. Anyway, I don't see how that film could have been done because Superman would have certainly killed Batman."

Thanks to Dark Horizons.

Red Dragon: The official site is now fully functional! CLICK HERE

The Hulk: Screenwriter Michael France recently talked with The St. Petersburg Times about the original draft of The Hulk script and the direction of the film. CLICK HERE

Movie Picture{40}{41} is running an article on the script they got a hold of for the next installment in the {42} trilogy! Beware the following gives away some {43} about the film! Thanks to {44} for the tip!

Tick-tock goes the plot: The story of The Matrix Reloaded is a ticking clock that unwinds in a seventy-two-hour period, which is roughly the time Neo and the rebel leaders estimate it will take for 250,000 high-tech probes to dig their way down to Zion and waste the human populace. The script builds incredible tension, but not merely in a suspense vein. This is an emotionally shattering journey for Neo, who must decide how and if he can save Trinity from a dark fate he's been seeing in his dreams. The story ends in the cliffhanging manner of The Empire Strikes Back.

Sex heats up: Yes, Neo and Trinity finally do it. The coupling takes place in Zion, where the rebellion's high command is based and where the troop vessel Nebuchadnezzar, carrying Neo and Trinity, makes a brief stopover. Zion, which is close to the Earth's molten core, inspires its residents to feverish dancing. As Neo and Trinity make love in a cove of black rock, the sex is intercut with a tribal dance in which, the script says, "sweat, spit and mud fly from the growing fury with the rhythmic slap of naked feet against wet clay." Let George Lucas top that.

Movie Picture{47} Everyone remembers the

The ultimate chase: Arriving late in Reloaded is a a highway chase involving cars and a chopper. Lawrence Mattis, the Wachowskis' manager, claims the chase (a good part of which was shot in Oakland last spring, on a specially constructed stretch of simulated highway) will go on for nearly fifteen minutes of screen time. "It'll stun people," says Mattis. "The adrenaline junkies are going to go back to it several times."

Keanu takes flight: At the end of the first film, Neo found he could fly within the Matrix. The Wachowskis, who reportedly feel that human flight has never looked quite right onscreen, have tried to make up for the deficiency in the sequels with Neo, as one character says, "doing his Superman thing" faster than a speeding bullet.

Movie PictureAn attack of the clones: Agent Smith and his identically tailored goon squad have gained the ability to aggressively clone or "copy" themselves onto their rebel adversaries, leading to dicey situations in which an apparent good guy is anything but. (As Neo cryptically comments, "Hmm -- upgrades.") The goons have become prolific. There's a fight scene in which Agent Smith multiplies into twelve replicants, all of them duking it out with Neo simultaneously.

Watch out for the twins: Ghostly albino adversaries called Twin One and Twin Two have the capability of materializing and rematerializing, sometimes flesh-and-bonelike and sometimes as ethereal as gas. The Twins battle Neo in a scrap in an underground garage.

The jinx rumors: They started when Aaliyah died in a plane crash last year before completing her role as Zee, a freedom fighter, so the Wachowskis had to reshoot her scenes with Nona Gaye (Ali). Then Gloria Foster, who played the Oracle, died of diabetes complications in September. Her scenes for Reloaded had been completed, but the filmmakers had to devise a new way to handle the Oracle in Revolutions.

New characters: Added to the mix are the Architect, the deitylike designer of the Matrix; the Key-Maker (Randall Duk Kim), a mystical Japanese craftsman whom Neo is told is the one person who can "reach the Source" and thereby save Zion, and Merovingian (Lambert Wilson), a libertine whose insistence on holding the Key-Maker prisoner is an obstacle Neo must circumvent. Monica Bellucci plays Merovingian's jealous wife. Jada Pinkett Smith is cast as Niobe, a former flame of Morpheus. And there's a Neo-worshipping character called the Kid (Clayton Watson), who has a small role in Reloaded but reportedly figures more prominently in Revolutions.

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