The Matrix Revolutions: Waiting patiently for The Matrix Revolutions? Here's something that'll keep you busy in the meantime. A reader over at Coming Soon! has discovered some new Matrix elements within 2 different websites that will have Matrix fans scratching their heads. Take a look:

A website was launched 2 days ago about this company named Metacortex, the same company Neo worked for before he was unplugged. The website is filled with codes and riddles and Matrix fans are working day and night to find out what they mean. RELATED: The Matrix Resurrections Synopsis Sets Up a Stronger, More Dangerous Digital World

Here are some of the codes found:

-After the flash intro does its thing and you get to the main page, scroll down to the bottom and click on DIRECTORY.

-You'll get a map with a bunch of clickable locations, of which only REDLAND works - it's the one all the way to the left.

-You'll now be taken to a screen where you can enter employee names from Metacortex. Type in AndersonThomas and you'll see that he's been transferred somewhere, but it's undisclosed. Kinda cool.

-Type in AveryJames and you'll get an interesting binary code and a flickering picture to the left. Binary code can be translated with the binary code keys from maybe?

There are many other things and codes in here to figure out.

CLICK HERE to access this mysterious website!

Thanks again to Coming Soon! for the scoop!