The Matrix Reloaded: With the upcoming release of The Matrix Reloaded all kinds of media is floating around the web right now for the film including 2 new posters and a crazy TV Spot! Check them out:

The new TV spot came out over the weekend, and many sites had linked to it, but the MPEG was hosted on servers that couldn't take the load. Well, we're hosting it now and it's not going anywhere anytime soon! For the unbelievable new Reloaded TV Spot, CLICK HERE

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Movie PictureMovie Picture

Thanks to Dark Horizons, new Matrix Reloaded posters have been unleashed onto the world!

Click an image to get a higher resolution look!

In addition, FilmJerk is reporting that the Wachowski's have their final cut of the film done, weighing in at 138 minutes long!

Stay tuned for more Matrix Reloaded news and multimedia by keeping your eyes on our official Movie Vault page for the film! CLICK HERE