Okay Format War Hawks, how does this sound? A Blu-ray and HD-DVD title on one disc.

According to CNN.com, the Britain-based New Medium Enterprises (NME) recently stated that it "had solved a technical production problem that makes it possible to produce a cheap multiple-layer DVD disk containing one film in different, competing formats."

"Current technologies to create multiple layer disks mostly don't work. We've created a technology for mass production of multiple layers that does not suffer from the well known problem of low yields," stated Eugene Levich NME Chief Technology Officer.

A low yield generally means a DVD that is manufactured but then doesn't work and is deemed unusable.

According to the article, "the production costs of a multi-layer DVD using the new NME technology are estimated to be around 9 cents, compared with the 6 cents for a standard single-layer play-back DVD, according to Dutch company ODMS, one of the world's leading makers of production lines for optical disks."

This "technological breakthrough comes one week after three employees at movie studio Warner Bros. filed a patent for the application of multiple formats on a single DVD disc."

Says Levich, "There's no collision between Warner and us. They patent the application, we are patenting the technology. These are complementary patents. I'm glad it's happened. Warner opened our eyes, because it shows they really want to do this and create multi-format, multi-layer disks."