Just because a movie doesn't make $100 million at the box office doesn't mean it's not any good. There a plenty of stellar movies playing to small crowds that often get over looked, especially in these crowded summer months. We have 14 brand new releases for you to check out, all newly streaming on Netflix, that we think you'll like. So if you want to beat the lines at the local multiplex, or don't feel like going out at all, stay in this June with these worthy releases! Heck, you might even discover your favorite movie of the year!



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Eager for any work that will make ends meet, Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) joins the flock of camera crews prowling the nighttime streets of Los Angeles in search of scandal and crime. But before long, Lou finds himself caught in the tabloid limelight. Watch 'NIghtcrawler' Now!

B. Alan Orange