With 20th Century Fox's New Mutants starting production in July, the cast is starting to come together. A report surfaced yesterday that Rosario Dawson is in talks to join the cast, although it was not revealed who she may be playing. Another report has confirmed that the actress is in fact set to play Dr. Cecilia Reyes, if a deal is made. If that wasn't enough, yet another report claims that two more actresses are being considered for the role of Mirage, a.k.a. Dani Moonstar. The two actresses reportedly in contention for this role are Blu Hunt and True O'Brien, with this report speculating that True O'Brien may be the front runner.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Rosario Dawson is playing Dr. Celia Reyes, described as, "a medical doctor who has the ability to generate a protective bio-field around herself." This report also confirms a rumor from earlier this month that James McAvoy won't be returning as Professor X, and, despite earlier rumors to the contrary, Alexandra Shipp will not reprise her X-Men: Apocalypse role as Storm. This report claims that neither character is currently in the script and they won't appear in this movie at all.

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Rosario Dawson will join a cast that includes Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane and Anya Taylor-Joy as Magik, with yesterday's report also claiming that Henry Zaga (13 Reasons Why) will be confirmed soon as Sunspot. Both actresses had been rumored for months, but they were just confirmed a few weeks ago. Wolfsbane and Magik were two of the characters featured in artwork posted on social media by writer-director Josh Boone, which suggested that they would be included in this story. That artwork also featured characters such as Dani Moonstar, a.k.a. Mirage, Sunspot, Cannonball and Warlock. This report also reveals that Dr. Cecilia Reyes will serve as a mentor to all of these characters, which helps explain why Professor X will not be needed in this movie.

As for the Dani Moonstar/Mirage role, this report from Omega Underground speculates that True O'Brien may be the front runner for the role, since she has a Native American background just like the character, while pointing out that she also follows writer-director Josh Boone, co-writer Knate Lee and stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams on social media. It isn't clear when the studio may make their final decision on this role, but if one of these two actresses are cast, and Henry Zaga is actually confirmed as Sunspot, the last remaining role to be cast would be Cannnonball. It's suspected that Warlock will be a Motion-Capture character, though it's possible that a big name comedian could be cast for movement and voice acting. With production starting in just a few months, don't be surprised to hear more casting news soon.

Josh Boone is directing from a script he is co-writing with Knate Lee, based on the Marvel Comics characters. 20th Century Fox has set an April 13, 2018 release date for The New Mutants, which has no direct competition on that date, but it will come a week after New Line's highly-anticipated video game adaptation Rampage, starring Dwayne Johnson, and the Focus Features comedy Tully, starring Charlize Theron and Mark Duplass. Josh Boone also confirmed talks with Rosario Dawson by sending out a photo of The Hollywood Reporter's article on Instagram, which you can check out below, as we wait for more on The New Mutants.