Anya Taylor-Joy isn't worried about the reshoots being done on New Mutants. Fox's The New Mutants movie, which is a horror spin-off of their main X-Men franchise, was originally supposed to be released in April of this year. It's since been delayed twice, partially because the studio ordered significant reshoots. That has been concerning to some but Joy, who is one of the core cast members of the upcoming comic book movie, explains why people maybe shouldn't be too worried.

Director Josh Boone set out to do something quite different with New Mutants and that may require more of a refining process to get it right. Anya Taylor-Joy, despite rumors and reports that the movie is a mess, is nothing but excited and has only very positive things to say about the project despite the reshoots. The additional photography is reportedly playing up the scary side of the story. After there was some arguing between the director and studio over what it was truly supposed to be, it has been decided that this X-Men spin-off will be an R-rated horror movie. And they'e doing what they can to get it to a very scary place. Here's what she had to say about it in a recent interview.

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"It's crazy exciting! I love my character. I have such a connection to Illyana. I absolutely adore her, and getting to play her is super fun because she's sassy and Russian and a little bit psycho. She's just so much fun to play. And I don't find [the delay] frustrating because when the film comes out, we want it to be something that will make the fans truly happy. Taking the time to do it, whilst people might find it a little bit frustrating to wait for it, when we deliver it, it's going to be fantastic. That's the most important thing. And getting the opportunity to play the character again is just great."

Reshoots have become increasingly common on blockbuster movies, but certain situations warrant concern. In this case, much of the movie is reportedly being retooled and a new character, Warlock, is going to be introduced. With the Disney merger of Fox looming and New Mutants being delayed more than a year to August 2, 2019, this felt like one of the situations where it might be worth tempering expectations. However, Anya Taylor-Joy further asserts that they are ultimately going to end up making the horror movie they always wanted to make in the first place.

"I think we're making the movie that we set out to make, in the beginning. That's what we're going to end up delivering to people. It feels like the movie we all signed up to do, which is good."

Regardless of the final product, New Mutants could wind up being an incredibly significant movie within the X-Men franchise. We recently reported that Disney will release all of the movies that Fox has in production after the merger is complete. But if Fox doesn't get the ball rolling on any other X-Men movies before that time, and as of right now it looks like they may not, New Mutants will be the final movie in the franchise to be released, following Dark Phoenix, which is currently scheduled to arrive in February 2019.

Marvel Studios will almost certainly give a hard reboot to the franchise once the characters are absorbed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, good or bad, this could be important. But at least one person seems to think it's going to be good. This news was first reported by Collider.