The New Mutants is going in for reshoots and a new character is being thrown into the mix. Fox was originally supposed to be releasing three X-Men related movies this year, with Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix still on their release slate. However, New Mutants was bumped back by nearly a year so that Fox and director Josh Boone can rework the movie after some test screenings reportedly didn't go over so well. So, Boone will be doing some reshoots and a new report reveals that those reshoots will add a new character to the movie.

Reshoots are pretty common these days, but this doesn't sound too typical. It sounds like the reshoots being done on The New Mutants are rather significant, especially since they're going to add in a new character. As for who this character will be? That's anyone's guess at this point. Based on the teaser trailer that was released late last year, it doesn't look like this movie has any real ties to any of the other X-Men movies. Perhaps they're going to add in a familiar face to connect the movie to the larger X-Men universe? That's purely speculative, but adding in a new character is no small task and one has to imagine there's a good reason for it.

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What we know for sure is that this is going to be a straight-up horror movie set within the X-Men universe. That's actually part of the problem, as the movie reportedly wasn't scary enough as is. The movie features Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane with Anya Taylor-Joy as Magik, Henry Zaga as Sunspot, Charlie Heaton as Cannonball and Blu Hunt as Mirage, with Alice Braga as Dr. Cecilia Reyes. It also looks like Demon Bear is going to be the villain, or at least have a presence in the movie. Maybe these reshoots will make Demon Bear more prevalent? Really, it's just a lot of guesswork at this point. Not all that much had been revealed about the movie prior to the reshoots, so the possibilities are wide open in terms of who could show up and what will change.

In the past, director Josh Boone has expressed his desire to bring in Warlock for a future sequel. This character will be created through CGI and Motion Capture. And it could be the easiest character to add back into existing shots of the movie while creating new shots as well. No actor has been announced for the new character addition, and that doesn't have to happen if its a no-name motion capture actor doing the heavily lifting for Warlock, or all straight CGI. A voice could easily be provided later.

Warlock is a member of the Technarchy, from the planet Kvch. The Technarchy itself is a dictatorship, led by the Magus. Due to an unknown mutation, he developed "emotions", and feared his father, as it was the ritual in Kvch for the infant to fight his father to the death in order to demonstrate his right to live. However, Warlock fled, with the Magus in pursuit. He traveled in hyperspace in order to reach Earth but, upon returning to singular space, he crashed into Asteroid M, destroying it. His arrival to Earth was initially regarded as a threat but Warlock's innocent and inquisitive nature soon won over the X-Men, and he became one of the most popular members of the New Mutants in the comic books. And many fans were disappointed to hear he wasn't in the movie.

Fox had originally dated The New Mutants for April 13 of this year, which just so happens to be a Friday the 13th. They're really leaning hard on the horror angle. Now the movie has been moved to February 22, 2019. Even with the Disney/Fox deal looming in the background as both companies have to wait and see if the regulating bodies will ultimately approve the deal, this movie should get finished and arrive in theaters no matter what happens. As for many of the other X-Men projects Fox is developing? Those seem less certain, but in any case, they're working on Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom and Kitty Pryde movies, among others.

Josh Boone had lofty goals with New Mutants, hoping that this would kick off a trilogy of X-Men horror movies, all tackling a different kind of horror. Not only could the Disney/Fox deal get in the way of that, but if these reshoots and this mystery character can't fix the movie, there's almost no chance we see a sequel happen. This news comes to us courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.