Even Maisie Williams, who is one of the stars of the movie, has no idea what is going on with The New Mutants. This project has had a troubled road to release. The X-Men spin-off, which has a horror theme to it, was originally supposed to hit theaters in April of last year. However, creative differences between director Josh Boone and the studio ultimately got in the way of that happening. Currently, there is a release date set for later this year, but it's not clear if that will stick and Williams doesn't offer any assurances.

Maisie Williams has started to make the press rounds in order to promote the final season of Game of Thrones. During a recent in-depth interview, she was asked about the status of The New Mutants, which has been especially in doubt ever since the Disney merger with Fox finally closed last week. Disney inherited this project from Fox and it's doubtful they'll want to sink much time or money into it, since the studio will end up rebooting the X-Men universe within the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point. To that point, Williams, expressing frustration, says she has no idea what's going on.

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"Who knows when the f*** that's gonna come out... Hopefully this interview will make everyone hurry up a little bit!"

The actress, who plays Wolfsbane in the Marvel Comics adaptation, explained that, during a recent run in with her co-star Charlie Heaton, he said he didn't know what was going on with it either. The idea was to conduct reshoots that would make the movie scarier than it currently is, but those reshoots never actually happened. So, the movie has just been sitting around collecting dust.

The New Mutants centers on a group of five young mutants, just discovering their abilities, who are being held in a secret facility against their will. As far as we know, none of the characters from the core X-Men franchise are in it. However, Maisie Williams reveals that she wants to appear alongside her Game of Thrones co-star Sophie Turner, who plays Jean Grey in the upcoming Dark Phoenix, in a future X-Men movie. Williams had this to say on the matter.

"It would be ridiculously stupid if they didn't do that."

Stupid or not, it's almost definitely not going to happen. Disney is going to release Dark Phoenix in theaters this June, but that will be the end of this version of the X-Men franchise. So the Jean Grey/Wolfsbane meet up isn't in the cards. As for The New Mutants? It's currently set for release on August 2, however, the persistent rumor is that the movie will be dumped to a streaming service like Hulu, which Disney now owns a controlling stake in. We'll be sure to keep you posted as further details on the project are made available. This news was first reported by Rolling Stone.