Director Lars von Trier's two-part erotic drama Nymphomaniac Volume I and Nymphomaniac Volume II will likely be two of 2014's most controversial movies, as we've already seen in the racy posters and clips. Magnolia Pictures has released a new set of photos, featuring cast members such as Charlotte Gainsbourg, Christian Slater and Willem Dafoe fully clothed, along with character photos that show Charlotte Gainsbourg, Christian Slater, Connie Nielsen, Udo Kier, Stellan Skarsgård and Jens Albinus in their birthday suits. The story centers on Charlotte Gainsbourg's Joe, who tells her sexually-charged life story to a stranger (Stellan Skarsgård) after he finds her half-dead in an alley. Nymphomaniac Volume I will be released on VOD March 6 before debuting in theaters March 21, with Nymphomaniac Volume II arriving on VOD April 3 before its theatrical debut on April 18.

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