Various movie related websites have posted some exclusive photos from some highly anticipated upcoming films. Take a look...

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:Movie Zine have posted some new pics from the upcoming Jim Carrey flick hitting theaters in 2004. CLICK HERE

I, Robot:Intertain Film have posted some new shots from the upcoming sci-fi flick, I, Robot, starring Will Smith. I, Robot hits theaters on July 16th. CLICK HERE

The Day After Tomorrow: Hitting theaters May 28th, Empire Movies have posted 8 exclusive stills from the upcoming apocalypse flick, The Day After Tomorrow. The film stars Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ian Holm. CLICK HERE

Chicken Little, Bounded, Rapunzel Unbraided:Animated News have posted some screen shots from CBS News Sunday Morning which aired a segment on the state of animation which gave a little insight into some animated films currently in production. The screen shots can be found at their site.CLICK HERE