Home On The Range:Animated News has new photos up from Disney's upcoming animated film, Home On The Range!

CLICK HERE for the new images ripped right from the Finding Nemo DVD!

A story about a family farm inhabited by a widow (Parker), her young daughter, and various and sundry farm animals. The widow owes 1000.00 mortgage on the farm and has no way to pay for it, and the cows get wind of the trouble. Fearing that they'll be sold to the local meat- packing plant, the cows, led by Dame Judi Dench (!) seek to find a way to earn the money. Enter the family horse, played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. He used to belong to a bounty hunter, and knows a great way to save the farm. You see, he's heard that in the nearby town, there's a bandit afoot (Randy Quaid), with a 1000.00 bounty on his head.