National Lampoon's Gold Diggers: We've got all new images from the upcoming Nation Lampoon's comedy, Gold Diggers,!

Calvin Menhoffer (Friedle) and Leonard Smallwood (Owen) are two lovable losers, but grand dreamers, desperately searching for the so-called "Good Life." "All we want is the best that life has to offer," Cal tells his partner. "You know, without working for it." After an unsuccessful attempt at robbing two 70 year-old sisters, Cal and Lenny find themselves behind bars. Within days, the charges are mysteriously dropped and the two older women invite the boys to their Beverly Hills mansion. As Cal and Lenny enter the grand foyer, they find the interior of the spacious home to be a throwback to the late sixties. From the top of the staircase a voice suddenly calls out, "Hey, you two little jailbirds!" Cal and Lenny glance up and the sight is enough to wilt their flowers and melt their candy. Doris and Betty Mundt (Lasser and Taylor) stand dressed to kill. Seventy year-old women transformed! Doris wears a Baby Jane outfit, while Betty sports a skin tight, red Sequins dress complete with patent leather Go Go boots!

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