Once Upon A Time In Mexico: Thanks to Sony we've got a whole new batch of stills from the upcoming Robert Rodriguez flick Once Upon A Time In Mexico!

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The saga of the mythic guitar-slinging hero, El Mariachi (Banderas), continues in Robert Rodriguez's bold, non-stop action epic "Once Upon a Time in Mexico". The new adventure is set against a backdrop of revolution and greed. Haunted and scarred by loss, El Mariachi has retreated into a life of isolation. He is forced out of hiding by Sands (Depp), a corrupt CIA agent. Sands recruits the reclusive hero to sabotage a plot by the evil cartel kingpin Barillo (Dafoe), who is planning to assassinate the president of Mexico. El Mariachi has his own reasons for returning - retribution and revenge. Now, together with his capable cohorts Lorenzo (Iglesias) and Fideo (Leonardi) the legend of El Mariachi attains new levels of excitement.

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