Son of The Mask:The Z Review has gotten a hold of new photos from the Sydney set of the upcoming sequel to The Mask...

Jim has been in touch with the following great pics and report from the recent Son of The Mask filming "Shooting for Son of The Mask was at Neutral Bay in Sydney this morning - car shots mainly, some nice american machinery, with some great interiors - very Austin Powerish - levers for everything, and a "Granny Kill" score card on transmission tunnel! Buttons on the car included Smarty Pants Injector, and Petrol Head Master switches!" As you'll see from the pic Loki has called his car after his name with a little twist....I think it's safe to say Alan Cumming will be anything but in this movie!

CLICK HERE for a look at the recently snapped photos from the set!

Movie Picture

Thanks to 'Gary'