White Chicks:Coming Soon! got a hold of some exclusive photos from the set of the upcoming Wayans brothers comedy, White Chicks, which stars Shawn Mayans, Marlo Wayans, and Jaime King. Here's the report straight from the scooper who turned the photos in:

White Chicks, that Wayans Bros. movie is being shot in my town of CHILLIWACK for the next couple of days. I went down to watch and took a few picks.

They were shooting some purse snatching scene and one of the Wayans was chasing after. I couldn't tell which one because of their make up (I'm assuming its the blonde girl in the pink shirt and the jean jacket). Apparently they're here for the next few days so I'll see if I can get anymore.

They've turned our downtown into the Hamptons and did a pretty good job with that as well. There's a fake restaurant, a movie theatre, a nightculb and a bunch of la-de-da type shops.

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