Star Wars: Episode III:The got wind of possible titles of Star Wars: Epsiode III floating around the offices of ILM, recently:

Hey guys - want to make sure that you knew the latest from Industrial Light and Magic. There's been talk of a title for Episode III. Don't hang your hat on it, but watch for BIRTH OF AN EMPIRE on preproduction stuff. At least this is the one people like around here - maybe it'll never make it outside of these walls. RELATED: Hayden Christensen to Return as Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka Series

And there's some significant early work on some shots for EP3 but no word on what those scenes include. Yet.

Just as well, new photos of 'Obi-Wan', played by Ewan McGregor, have been scanned from the latest issue of MCN Magazine. CLICK HERE