recently caught up with Paramount Famous executive producer Louis Feola to talk about all of the direct-to-DVD sequels that the company is planning over the course of the next few years. According to Feola, we can expect to see follow-ups to the films Road Trip, Mean Girls, Grease, Bad News Bears, and The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad.

How did Paramount go about deciding which films to sequelize for the home video market? Feola told, "I tend to look at properties as brands and try and figure out the essence of the brand. What comes first is an analysis of the property by trying to figure out what the brand is, and the story follows from there. We look at if the film was written for theatrical release, and in all those instances they were. We look at how it's performed theatrically. We look at how it's performed internationally. This gives us a sense of the movie's staying power. Then we also look at the video performance in exactly the same fashion."

About Road Trip 2: Beer Pong, he says, "I am in preproduction right now, so I have a script that I am comfortable with, hired my director and set up my operation. It will take place against the world of beer pong, which I think is a very topical subject for our TV audience." He then went on to explain more about the other films, stating, "The Naked Gun is about corruption in the city. A new [younger] police squad is being formed to battle the corruption. Bad News Bears is set against the world of soccer."

At this time, Grease 3 doesn't have a plot, but Feola insists that it will be a musical where the songs are an integral part of the plot. And its far too early to speak about the plot of Mean Girls 2. Though, it probably won't have the involvement of Tina Fey.

Paramount Famous plans to release five to six of these direct-to-video titles a year. Feola stated that the two properties he found to be untouchable were The Godfather and Top Gun. I guess that means we'll never see Top Gun 2: The Curse of Goose's Ghost. Which is a bummer.