Jeepers Creepers 2: Thanks to our friends over at Latino Review we've got a look at the first one sheet for Jeepers Creepers 2! For the high-res version, CLICK HERE

JoBlo & Dark Universe have posted some great new shots from the film! Check them out in our Production Stills gallery! CLICK HERE

In addition, 'the creeper' himself recently spoke with Darkside Magazine about his recurring role:

Jeepers Creepers 2 has been more action heavy for Breck, “Not only does The Creeper mostly fly this time because it’s an homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds meaning I’ve spent weeks being suspended in front of green screens, but he’s also much faster paced. The story takes place on the last night of the 23 day lifespan before I hibernate for another 23 years so I’m much more desperate character restlessly moving quicker and much speedier my stalking activities. The Creeper has a lot to pack in on his last night on Earth. “In my opinion he comes off even more sexual than he did before. There is this deep sensual desire within the character that’s interesting to play. Obviously that has a lot to do with the erotic sides of good evil that border on attraction.”

Thanks to Dark Universe and Bloody Disgusting for the transcript.

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