Bruce Almighty: We've got tons of new posters up today! let's start with the upcoming Jim Carrey comedy, Bruce Almighty! CLICK HERE

When Harry Met Lloyd: Dumb & Dumberer: Check out the new poster for Dumb & Dumberer! This teaser poster hits theaters today. CLICK HERE

And be sure to check out the official website for more goodies from the film, just released today! CLICK HERE

Malibu's Most Wanted: The new Jamie Kennedy comedy has a new poster as well! CLICK HERE

Movie PictureAnger Management: We've got some great new photos fom the upcoming Jack Nicholson / Adam Sandler comedy, Anger Management! CLICK HEREMovie PictureWillard: We've got all new pics from Willard in our gallery! Check them out! CLICK HEREThe Core: We've got 2 new images from The Core. CLICK HERE

8 Mile: With a March 18th release date for the 8 Mile DVD coming fast, we decided to add some images from the film to our production stills gallery. Check it out Bunny Rabbit. CLICK HERE

For a huge article on the DVD release, visit our DVD Dungeon! CLICK HERE

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