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In addition to the new photos,Fangoria recently sat down for an interview with Hugh Jackman to talk about the project:

Though VAN HELSING isn't a comic-book movie, Jackman still believes there is some cross-pollination, particularly among the potential audience. "It's not a comic book, but the people who are into comic books [will be] into VAN HELSING, and there are all those monsters," Jackman enthuses. "It has that same kind of folklore and fanbase—people who are fans of werewolves, FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA. It's slightly different than comic books. I loved the script for VAN HELSING, so that's why I went into that."

As with X-MEN, Universal is looking for a franchise with VAN HELSING, and Jackman is already signed up for two films. He admits, however, that even though there's a lot of physicality in the X-MEN movies, VAN HELSING will likely have even more. "Probably more physical than [X-MEN 2]," Jackman estimates. "There's a little bit more action. There's a lot of horse-riding and wirework where I get lifted up. There are fight sequences on a huge scale. Wolverine is pretty intense—that scene with Kelly Hu took three weeks to shoot and that was hard work—but for me it was essentially on the ground or whacking into a wall. For some of the stuff in VAN HELSING, we're way up in the sky flying around, so it's a lot of fun."

As we've already seen in some early bits of art, it appears Van Helsing himself will have some creative weaponry, something Jackman confirms. "I've got so many weapons in VAN HELSING, I've lost count," Jackman jokes. "I'm almost like one of those watch salesmen. I have this huge overcoat and I [mimes opening the coat up revealing many "items"]. It almost becomes a joke by the end. My [sidekick] says, 'What else do you have in there?' I pull out this crossbow and this mace and you name it—it comes out."

Though X-MEN and VAN HELSING seem rather unrelatable, Jackman admits there are similarities among the differences. "There's a similarity in the plot on one level because Van's not simply amnesia like Wolverine's gone through with the experiments that happened on him," says Jackman, choosing his words carefully. "Without explaining what happens, I have to leave it at that, but that's the similarity. The tone of it is very different and he's got a little more of a glint in the eye, Van Helsing does. Wolverine is a bit more intense."

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