A new trailer for the video game based on Jon Favreau's Iron Man has been unveiled on GameTrailers.com, and it looks stunning. Watch the trailer below

Mike McHale, senior producer at Sega of America, had previously told reporters that the game would make use of voice talent from the film, as well as using Industrial Light & Magic's computer-generated models for Iron Man himself, and that is evident in the trailer.

In the trailer, it is seen that players will be able to use the original, grey-armored version of the Iron Man armor to recreate Tony Stark's escape from capture. Of course, the red-and-gold armored costume will be used as well, allowing players to fly and use Iron Man's awesome weaponry to fight off the Armored Avenger's worst enemies.

Robert Downey Jr.'s voice can be heard in the trailer, and presumably we will be treated to other vocal talents from the film as well.

The game is scheduled for release just before Iron Man hits the big screen on May 2. The game will have versions for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo's Wii and DS, and Windows PCs.