Superman: The rumors are out of control. Rest assured, NO ONE knows what is going on with the next Superman flick. Here's the latest scoop from AICN...

Last night, I got on the phone with a friend of mine that sweeps up around the Warner Lot and is 100% reliable, and I was asking my typical questions, like... How Bad Is Catwoman Going To Suck? and he would laugh and say that it is a freight train of **** without brakes. And on a lark I said, "Heard anything about SUPERMAN?" And there was silence. RELATED: Smallville: The Complete Series Gets First-Ever Blu-ray Release for 20th Anniversary


I heard a cough, "Well, it ain't Selma Blair anymore." I expressed my utter disappointment, and countered with asking who it was, "Beyonce Knowles." I was kinda silent for a bit. "Have you heard who's playing Lex Luthor?" he asked me. "No" -- That's when he says, "Johnny Depp." Aaaaaah ****!

Ok, can you see what's happening here. They're not making the great SUPERMAN movie, they're making the hip and pop and garbage version. I love Johnny Depp, but he's wrong for Lex Luthor. Lex doesn't need to be funny or quirky. He needs to be calculating, charming and cold. Somebody like a shaved headed version of Ralph Fiennes. And Lois Lane, you don't throw away nearly 70 years of programming that Lois Lane is a small lithe brunette that wears wonderous buisness suits. Beyonce is COMPLETELY WRONG FOR THE PART! You need an actress, not a fucking PEPSI COMMERCIAL POP TART!

Great. So we're gonna get a great Christopher Nolan BATMAN movie, and a ***** SUPERMAN movie.