Superman: The regular Superman scooper over at Dark Horizons has gotten some new bits about McG's version of the comic book...

"I finally got a word on the casting for McG's SUPERMAN. I will tell you this, and tell it to you first: Henry Cavill is Superman. This is the director's favourite and a majority of the fan's favourite also. Warner Bros. realizes this, and they also see how the casting of Christian Bale for Batman got high-ups from the fanbase. They want to do the same. RELATED: Superman's New Motto Swaps 'the American Way' with 'a Better Tomorrow'

Rose Bryne and Selma Blair are "this close" to getting the role of Lois Lane, and one of them will get it. They are the two runner-ups. My bet is on Bryne, but we'll see how things pan out.

While Topher Grace auditioned for the role of Jimmy Olsen, apparantly it may (the key word is may) go to THE OC co-star Adam Brody. He's a fav because of the aformentioned show, and it seems he is the "hottest" thing in his category. The WB wants hot, young stars for this movie while not still filling it with horrid choices (Ashton Kutcher, Beyonce Knowles).

Now comes the main event. I can safely say that you can expect Johnny Depp to be the next Lex Luthor. That is, because he is the studio's favourite and McG wants to work with him. He's tied because he's not exactly sure if he wants to accept, and he also has CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY filming soon under the direction of Tim Burton. But WB and McG are really trying to nab Depp, since he turned out the most viable in his screentest (I heard it was "f**king amazing"). If he can't do it or doesn't want to, then expect the role to go to an up and rising comedian or someone in that theory.

And that's about it. The film's rolling, though, I cans surely tell you that. J.J. Abrams' script is getting tons of re-writes, and I hear for the better, and Warner Bros. wants this out by no latter than Summer 2006.

Superman WILL fly again"