Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: WOW! Look at that picture! The boys over at CHUD happened to receive this little gem in their inbox this morning! Yes that is "The Terminator" (Arnold Swartzenegger) squeezing the neck of future leader of the resistance, John Conner (Nick Stahl).

CLICK HERE for details of 'Smilin' Jack Ruby's experience on the set of T3 during a recent visit.

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In other T3 news, Dark Horizons has done a great job of compiling a complete list of the many sporadic"set reports" from the different shooting locations of Terminator 3. CLICK HERE to give it a spin!

Fangoria recently talked to visual Effects supervisor, Pablo Helman, about the flick. CLICK HERE

They also caught up with Kristanna Loken who plays the Terminatrix in the film...CLICK HERE for their interview with her.

Updated! EVEN more pictures are popping up online from this movie. Seems like everyone visted the set of T3 this week.

CLICK HERE for a shot of Arnold, Nick, & Claire.

CLICK HERE for a shot of a smoking Terminator!

CLICK HERE for a shot of the Terminator with a nice little uzi.

Thanks to 'James' for the update.

The Hulk: Also coming from the trenches of CHUD is an interview with Josh Lucas about his past and current roles in various films...one of them being The Hulk, where he described somewhat of what The Hulk is gonna "feel" like on screen:

I've seen it (the CGI Hulk). You will never see anything like it. Remember when you first saw Jurassic Park? You were like "Oh my God." This technology is TEN years beyond that now and it's something that's never been put on film, and they have an extraordinary challenge because they have a director who's not going to let one moment go by that doesn't seem you're actually watching a beast. You're watching it and... there's a green monster right there. Most of my stuff is with him, and the stuff they did in Spider-Man... this is an evolution of that BY FAR.

CLICK HERE for CHUD's full interview with Lucas!

The Tuxedo: Dreamworks Fansite has 14 new production stills up from the upcoming Jackie Chan / Jennifer Love Hewitt flick. Take a look...CLICK HERE Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up.

The Four Feathers: A slew of new stills from The Four Feathers is now up at everyone's favorite French movie site, Cinemovies. CLICK HERE

Phone Booth: Three new stills from the upcoming Colin Farell flick, Phone Booth, have surfaced at IGN's Filmforce. CLICK HERE

Sopranos: The Movie:Boston.com reports of the recent screening of the first 2 episodes of the Sopranos upcoming 4th season at the Radio City Music Hall 2 days ago. They also got some very interesting bits on the possibility of a Sopranos movie from executive producer, Brad Grey:

Since the first season, "We've been approached by pretty much every major studio," Grey says. Warner Bros. will get first dibs "because it's all in the family" - that is, AOL Time Warner owns HBO.

Creatively, "there's a way to continue these characters and have them grow in a new form," Grey says, adding that he and the series creator, David Chase, "just met to talk it through."

If the film does happen, production would not start until the 5th and final season of the show was in the can.

Stay tuned...~Brian