The Alien Quadrilogy DVD Set: A scoop over at Coming Soon has suggested that new special effects shots will be added into the new release of the Alien films on DVD:

Here is an interesting tidbit regarding the upcoming ALIEN QUADRILOGY 9-disc DVD set, due out later on this year (this is from The Winnipeg Sun, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada):

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"Frantic Films is living up to its name again. The production house is set to produce its first live-action drama in Winnipeg next month; it delivered a new scene last week for 20th Century Fox's upcoming high-definition DVD release of 1997 sci-fi blockbuster 'Alien: Resurrection' and it will officially open a Los Angeles office during a provincial trade mission to L.A. on Monday.

Frantic Producer Mark Halsall says a Winnipeg-based special effects crew spent a couple of months working on one of several shots Fox is adding to its 'Alien: Resurrection' DVD, which will be included in an 'Alien' box set. A release date has not yet been announced".

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